Resonance Records News
Sunday December 19, 2010
John Beasley: Spreading positivity through music
ROSE AVE - It's been a challenging year for many. Unemployment is on the rise along with foreclosures. Confidence in elected officials is waning as the state's debt keeps climbing.... Read more...
Monday September 27, 2010
Christian Howes: Interview by AllAboutJazz.com
It's not difficult to think of great blues artists - there's a roll call of honor as long as that of great jazz artists - and every sizeable town in the world has a blues band or two. So where is the violin? Great blues guitarists and vocalists have ... Read more...
Monday September 20, 2010
Tamir Hendelman: Video interview
Pianist Tamir Hendelman talks about his new album "Destinations" on Resonance Records.... Read more...
Wednesday February 24, 2010
Angela Hagenbach: Interview at KCUR-FM
It's been about twenty years since a model from Kansas City first heard Sarah Vaughn and decided she wanted to be a jazz singer. Since then, Angela Hagenbach has recorded six albums and started her own Amazon record label.... Read more...
Monday January 4, 2010
Gene Harris: Press Release
Resonance Records to release "Another Night In London" by the late keyboard wonder Gene Harris. Recorded live at Pizza Express, A Follow up to 2008's "Live In London"... Read more...