Mike Garson - Conversations with My Family
Conversations with My Family Mike Garson
Release Date: Apr. 8, 2008
Format: CD/DVD
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Based on Garson's longtime practice of creating music inspired by members of his family, Conversations is both adventurous and accessible, animated by extended sections of improvisation involving Garson, bassist Bob Magnusson and drummer Gary Novak, enhanced by guest appearances from upcoming Resonance artists that include flutist Lori Bell, violinist Chris Howes, guitarist Andreas Öberg, and trumpeter Claudio Roditi, and adorned with arrangements by Kuno Schmid.
"A glowing achievement"
- Down Beat
Mike Garson, Piano
All orchestrations by Kuno Schmid realized with the Vienna Symphonic Sample Library
Chris Howes, Violin (#5, 8, 13)
Claudio Roditi, Trumpet & Flugelhorn (#10, 19)
Lori Bell, Flute (#17)
Andreas Öberg, Guitar (#1, 17)
Bob Magnusson, Bass
Gary Novak, Drums
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