Polly Gibbons - Many Faces of Love
Many Faces of Love  Polly Gibbons
Release Date: Feb. 3, 2015
Format: CD/DVD
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CD/DVD Combo
CD: Contains 12 vocal tracks
DVD: Contains behind the scenes footage and excerpts from her debut show at the Resonance Records Studios in Beverly Hills, CA in February 2014
The concept of Many Faces of Love is to present songs that take you through five phases of love: Looking for Love, Finding Love, Losing Love, Looking to Re-Connect

Watch Polly Gibbons' Many Faces of Love Documentary

It’s not only the music press that has lined up to gush about the young vocal sensation Polly Gibbons. No less an icon than Van Morrison declared, “She’s got a great voice!” and Joss Stone said, “I love her voice, it’s really soulful. I can’t wait to hear more of Polly…”

Now, the wait is over! On Feb. 3, 2015, we can all hear Polly Gibbons when this supremely talented artist—nominated for a BBC Jazz Award in 2006, releases Many Faces of Love, her debut album and DVD release for the U.S. market.

Polly Gibbons descends from a grand tradition of jazz and blues women whose singing exudes strength, defiance and sassy wit. There are many pretenders to that throne, but GibbonsÂ’ artistry demands attention. British-born and just 30 when she made this album, Gibbons possesses a raspy, lived-in tone, a walloping sense of swing and a dramatic flair that grabs the heart. Emotionally, her singing ranges from a slow burn to a bonfire; interpretively, she always rings true. In London jazz circles, Gibbons has been acquiring a growing chorus of champions since her emergence a decade ago.

For Many Faces of Love, Gibbons has assembled a crew of some of the most skilled musicians in contemporary jazz. Her band is led by L.A.-based pianist and arranger Tamir Hendelman, who conjures up the slamming grooves, the feistiness and the jubilation that mark GibbonsÂ’ singing. Also accompanying Polly on the new release are violinist Christian Howes, guitarist Anthony Wilson, bassist Kevin Axt and drummer Ray Brinker.

Gibbons, who names artists as diverse as Mahalia Jackson, Joni Mitchell, Charlie Parker, Leonard Cohen, Donny Hathaway, Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, Prince and D’Angelo as key influences—is also a songwriter whose original composition “Midnight Prayer” won first place in the Indie International Songwriting Competition. For Many Faces of Love the singer has chosen to emphasize her interpretive skills. Whether on the R&B nugget "Please Send Me Someone to Love," Bob Haymes’ “Make It Last”(from a 1958 Betty Carter recording), Dr. John’s "City Lights," Al Jarreau’s “Not Like This,” Rickie Lee Jones’ "Company" or Patti Austin’s "That’s Enough for Me,” Gibbons drills to the core of the lyric and melody, making each song her own. Gibbons’ magnificent command of a jazz ballad is exemplified by her steamy take on "After Hours," an early Sarah Vaughan trademark, and she does wonders with "I Have the Feeling I’ve Been Here Before," written by pianist Roger Kellaway with Alan and Marilyn Bergman for Carmen McRae. “Love Comes and Goes," meanwhile, is a gem from veteran British songwriter Carroll Coates.

Polly GibbonsÂ’ Many Faces of Love reveals a young woman who, musically and emotionally, is wise beyond her years.

Press Quotes:
"They don't come along very often, but this one's a star." - Composer Johnny Mandel

"A soulful voice that will capture your heart... a real singer at last."- Claire Martin, Jazz Singer & BBC Broadcaster

"A soulful young jazz vocalist destined to be a star!" - Time Out London

"A truly exceptional, once in a generation talent, possessing a voice of such sizzling intensity and raw emotion you could fry an egg on it." - Peter Quinn, Jazzwise Magazine

Looking For Love
1. Please Send Me Someone to Love (P. Mayfield) (4:41)
2. Love Me Like a Song (K. Kosins) (6:12)
Finding Love
3. So Good (A. Jarreau) (7:10)
4. Make It Last (B. Haymes) (5:39)
5. That’s Enough for Me (Grusin, Austin) (6:15)
Losing Love
6. Not Like This (J. Lubbock) (4:47)
7. City Lights (M. Rebennack) (6:10)
Looking to Re-Connect
8. After Hours (Parrish, Bruce, Feyne) (6:04)
9. Since I Fell for You (B. Johnson) (5:13)
10. Company (Rickie Lee Jones) (4:51)
The Lessons of Love
11. I Have the Feeling I’ve Been Here Before (Kellaway, Bergman) (4:07)
12. Love Comes and Goes (C. Coates) (4:49)

Polly Gibbons Bonus DVD
1. Meet Polly (behind the scenes) (8:35)
2. Almost Like Being in Love (Lerner, Lowe) (5:37)
3. Muddy Water (blues) (E. Miller) (8:58)
4. After Hours (Parrish, Bruce, Feyne) (6:37)
5. Make It Last (B. Haymes) (6:22)
6. So Good (A. Jarreau) (7:40)
7. Company (Rickie Lee Jones) (5:20)
8. City Lights (M. Rebennack) (6:45)
9. Miss Celie’s Blues (Jones, Temperton) (5:00)

Personnel: CD and DVD
Tamir Hendelman, piano
Roger Kellaway, piano (DVD) on "Miss Celie's Blues" & Muddy Water (blues)"
James Pearson, piano (DVD) on "Almost Like Being in Love"
Christian Howes, violin and all string parts
Anthony Wilson, guitar
Kevin Axt, bass
Ray Brinker, drums

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